VM Motori Diesel Engines

VM Motori – D700 and D750 Series Water-Cooled Engines

VM Motori D750 Series Water Cooled Engine We supply the current range of VM engines including R750 Euro 6 and Euro 6c, Stage 3b and Stage 4.

The competitively priced D700 and D750 Series Water-Cooled Engines by VM Motori, consists of three, four and six cylinder units that are naturally aspirated and turbocharged. Some of the applications where this environmentally-friendly engine is commonly used include mining, motor pumps, small tanks, the agricultural sector as well as a number of construction applications. The VM Motori D700 and D750 Series Water-Cooled Engines offer a neat, compact design, low fuel consumption and a power range of between 30-150 BHP. They are current emission compliant to stage 4

VM Motori – Euro 6 Series (R754 and R756)

The VM Motori Euro 6 Engine Series is low emission, highly reliable and quieter, making it suitable for road-going industrial machinery, such as tankers, trailers and road sweepers. The powerful R754 and R756 engines were developed to meet the latest EURO legislation in terms of emissions, which means you will be using a high quality engine that is economical whilst also helping the environment.
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